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The N.C.A.A.O is the largest coalition of urban organizations in the regions history


Purpose of the National Coalition of African American Organizations

The N.C.A.A.O was established to build bridges and partnerships between and among civic organizations, the business community and community groups. The coalition will build and encourage partnerships that focus on promoting economic development, self-sufficiency, education and accountability, to strengthen America particularly Urban America.

Goals and the Objectives of the N.C.A.A.O

Our Goal is to assist in the technical and operational development of organized entities in our community, organizations that have shown to have a general concern with our community’s interest, growth, and prosperity. Always keeping Generation Next in mind in everything we do.

Part of our objective will be to concentrate on our yearly focus. The focus of the Coalition should always be consistent with our Coalition’s “Mission” and our “Purpose”. We intend to provide access the Internet, and intranet, as will as access Wide and Local Area Network.

We will encourage all member organizations to work collectively, remaining cognizant of our goal to maintain the individual identity of each entity involved in order to preserve the plethora of expertise represented within our coalition

We will strive to be promoters of unity and prosperity.

We will also assist in the management and distribution of informational resources. Additionally, we shall develop ways to assist with infrastructure and systems management. Our intention is to focus on existing members of the NCAAO. We also intend to assist in prospective member development and recruitment as well.

We all develop means to share information across a Wide Area Network, a Local Area Network the Internet. We will also provide consultation concerning these technologies and Operational Management. We will address areas in our community where we can function more efficiently and collaboratively.